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Our Foundation and Ambitions

Established in the vibrant city of Hong Kong in 2017, Silk Hawk has rapidly ascended as a respected entity in the realm of communications and network engagement strategies for corporates and media brands. Our birth in the dynamic hub of Hong Kong has not just fortified our understanding of global commerce but also instilled in us a deep respect for the synergy of diverse cultures and business ethos.

Our foundational expertise lies in creating robust communication strategies and network engagement tactics that resonate with our clients' unique goals and audience. We recognize the power of communication and its ability to build bridges, break barriers, and foster growth. Our strategies are meticulously crafted, reflecting the diversity of our clients and the markets they serve.

Our vision is not just a statement but a commitment to our clients and partners. We aim to serve as a vital link between Europe and Asia, two continents teeming with a wealth of opportunities. Our mission is to facilitate this exchange of ideas, products, and opportunities through our distinctive services.

Our services extend from offering bespoke event & communication strategies to international trade facilitation tailored to the needs of our clients. We also specialize in representing location-specific brands in targeted markets, understanding the intricate nuances of each location to ensure successful market penetration.

At the heart of our operations, Silk Hawk serves as a bridge, connecting EMEA companies to the vast opportunities in the East and helping Asian brands navigate the intricacies of Western markets. Like a silk thread, we weave together diverse cultures and business opportunities, creating a tapestry of relationships that empower our clients and contribute to the global business landscape.

As we move forward, we are committed to strengthening our position as a reliable and innovative partner, helping businesses expand their horizons, and creating meaningful connections that transcend geographical boundaries.

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