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About Us

We connect businesses with stakeholders and customers through building thought leadership events and curating engaging communities.

We do more than just managing your events. We are here to help you truly engage your stakeholders in the post-pandemic new-way of interaction via creative approaches both online and offline.

We do more than just creating inspirational contents to amuse your audience and community. We drive meaningful conversations and interactions that people truly enjoy today. 

Regardless of what you are aiming to achieve with your internal or external stakeholders, we can tailor your messages and approaches to interact with a wider audience than you ever thought possible. 

About us
Our Capabilities

Want to build a fantastic community of engaged users who interact and respond? This goes beyond just attendees. 

We evaluate your customer & audience journey to build an engaging experience and long-lasting relationship. Nurturing an engaged community takes more than organizing an event, it is a process that you will slowly, but surely find it the most rewarding investment you have ever put in. 

Tell us your thought. 

Customer Experience

High Impact Meeting

Eager to deliver best-in-class conference experiences to truly engage your audience? We are your partner to work with. 

From identifying the right theme, conducting detailed research interviews with market stakeholders, to getting a program and star-studded speaker faculty that amaze your audience, we’ll be working with you to ensure your event achieves its set objectives. 

Come talk to us now. 

High Impact Meeting

Evolve & Transform

"Old ways won't open new doors."

Whether you are planning your next customer engagement events, planning management training series, corporate academy programmes in a global scale, we analyze all aspects of needs, scout, evaluate and onboard your new technology for you. 

Learn more about how we can help you. 

Operation Excellence
Evolve & Transform

A good thought-leadership strategy directly improves engagement in businesses with customers and company stakeholders. 

We work with clients together to streamline operations and optimize processes that fit your unique business needs, market segments and wider business environment. 

Partner with us to achieve operation excellence.

Operation Excellence

Customer Experience

Why Silk Hawk?
Let our customers do the talk

Silk Hawk Team was instrumental in planning, producing and curating our “Advancing Human Capital Solution for Investment Value Creation’ conference for startup founders and funders. 


The conference was a first in Hong Kong, whereby startup founders were given invaluable insights into the investment decisions of angel investors, venture capitalists, PE funders and accelerators. A tough challenge for Silk Hawk team but they exceeded all expectations from the sourcing of highly respected speakers, industry subject-matter-experts to the participants. 


We are proud to have Silk Hawk onboard and we continued to collaborate with them for unique and challenging events. 

- Ivan Yong, Co-founder, Nanyang Angelz

Asia Representative

Reckoning if your current strategy is staying ahead of the curve?
We are here to support you. 

We are providing the latest market insight and trends in event success to make sure your team is well equipped with the latest knowledge and the right tools and skills to run the best show you could imagine. 

Come and work with us now.  

Continuous Innovation

Continuous Innovation

Looking to strengthen your presence in Asia? We are your representatives in Asia. 


We cultivate meaningful and long-lasting relationships with your future clients and partners. We grow your stakeholder community in Asia, drive conversations and maintain your community in Asia.


Get in touch with us now to realise your Asia operations.

Asia Representative

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