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Success Stories

Here is to showcase the impact that Silk Hawk has had on our clients and their businesses. Through our  services, we have been privileged to work with diverse industries and clients, helping them achieve their goals and reach the next level. 

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Launch of Corporate Disruptors Forum
(Powered by Nanyang Angelz)

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For over a decade, we have been dedicated to helping entrepreneurial clients build innovative, profitable & sustainable new ventures through our unique and collaborative approach. 

Silk Hawk has a proven track record of successfully launching new ventures and introducing Open Innovation to organizations of all sizes, enabling them to realize the growth ambition and turn concepts into real businesses that bring immense values to the core business. 

In our past projects, we have demonstrated a commitment to excellence through careful planning, detailed research, and innovative thinking. We have a deep understanding of the key success factors in launching new ventures and implementing Open Innovation, and we bring that expertise to every project we undertake.

Our focus on communication and collaboration with stakeholders has been a key driver of our success. We work closely with our clients to understand their goals, identify key opportunities, and develop customized solutions that meet their specific needs. Our open and collaborative approach to project management ensures that our clients are always kept informed, and that we are able to deliver on time and on budget.

We are also proud of our ability to adapt to changing circumstances and incorporate feedback throughout the process. We recognize that every project is unique, and we bring a flexible and creative mindset to every challenge we encounter.

We believe that our approach can help drive growth and transformation for your organization, and we look forward to discussing how we can help you achieve your goals.

We Helped our clients to work with companies like...

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Conference Production Projects

Successful conferences require exceptional organizational skills, attention to detail, and the ability to manage multiple resources.

At Silk Hawk, we have had the privilege of working on several conference production projects from on-site physical event to virtual / hybrid conferences.


Our commitment to organizational excellence has ensured that each event we've produced has run like clockwork, with schedules managed to perfection, resources effectively allocated, and all the pieces coming together flawlessly. Our clients have been consistently impressed with the level of detail we bring to each project, and have praised our ability to deliver exceptional results.

Also, our strong partnerships with speakers, vendors, and clients have been a cornerstone of our success in conference production. By building strong relationships and consistently delivering exceptional service, we've been able to earn the trust and repeat business of a wide range of clients. Our ability to communicate effectively, anticipate needs, and exceed expectations has resulted in a loyal following and a reputation for excellence.

Finally, our adaptability and willingness to embrace innovation have been key factors in our success in conference and community curation. We've navigated unexpected challenges with ease, always keeping our focus on delivering a successful event. And we've constantly pushed ourselves to explore new technologies, new ideas, and new approaches to creating memorable experiences for attendees and the targeted community alike. 



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We Have Worked With...

Silk Hawk Team was instrumental in planning, producing and curating our “Advancing Human Capital Solution for Investment Value Creation’ conference for startup founders and funders. 


The conference was a first in Hong Kong, whereby startup founders were given invaluable insights into the investment decisions of angel investors, venture capitalists, PE funders and accelerators. A tough challenge for Silk Hawk team but they exceeded all expectations from the sourcing of highly respected speakers, industry subject-matter-experts to the participants. 


We are proud to have Silk Hawk onboard and we continued to collaborate with them for unique and challenging events. 

- Ivan Yong, Co-founder, Nanyang Angelz

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